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A Mystery Novel Based on a Real Place

A case of copies of the new novel, The Italian Club, by Jeff Cox

From the back cover . . .

W A R N I N G !

THE ITALIAN CLUB is a novel that contains indecent language, beer drinking, "boom-boom," ill-gotten riches, shocking romance, many instances of political incorrectness, outlaw bikers, drop-dead-gorgeous bartenders, beefy huge dudes, live, death, firetrucks, bar talk of dubious merit, and humor. Look out. You might hurt yourself laughing.

Crazy things are happening in Oxton, home of news reporter Joe Lorenzo and his buddies at the Italian-Amercian Club. Outlaw biker contract killers are looking for a guy named Pazz, an ex-convict and ex-lover of club bartender Tracy who, meanwhile, is trying to break up with her wealthy and weird current lover, Derek. When Pazz shows up one night, he exhibits an interest in not just Tracy, but her place of employment. Why? Because there is a fortune buried somewhere inside the Club's century-old building and only Pazz knows where it might be, based on a death-bed whisper of his cellmate.

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Eight business novels by Jeff Cox

For the past 35 years, Jeff Cox has been an independent writer and author who has specialized in partnerships with business leaders, writing novels and stories based on cutting-edge management concepts. Upwards of 15 million copies of these "business novels" have been sold worldwide.

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What About Your Book?

Cover of ART OF THE BIZNOVEL If you're a consultant, a business book is practically a necessity. A book is the perfect leave-behind. You can sell your book on the web -- or give it away free as a lead generator. And with creativity, writing it the way Jeff writes 'em, you can pre-sell your unique concept to clients who might not otherwise "get" what you're all about.

ART OF THE BIZNOVEL is the sum of all the important lessons Jeff has learned (sometimes the hard way) in his 30-plus years of writing books and dealing with publishers. For less than the cost of a business lunch, you can get an overview of the entire writing and publishing process, from concept to creating the manuscript to getting it out there either through a mainstream publisher or as an "indie" title (there are advantages and disadvantates to both). Specially included is how to develop stories, either fiction or non-fiction, you can use to get across your ideas and make them memorable.

(Please note that ART OF THE BIZNOVEL is currently available only as a eBook.)

WHAT? You Want Jeff To Write Your Book?

Cover of ART OF THE BIZNOVELIt's no secret that Jeff is semi-retired at this point from his career in business books. But he is still always on the lookout for the "right" project -- a project that has that potent combination of the right idea, the right coauthor, and the right backing.

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